11th Annual Jay Day

Jay Day 2011

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WHAT IS “JAY-DAY”?  It is an annual event organized to teach students and parents about fire safety and awareness at home and away from home…..especially visiting family and friends in an unfamiliar setting.

ALSO:  To remember the brave little 11 year old, Jayden Taylor Ling, that ran back into a burning house with her mother to save her grandmother.  “Jay-Day” was started by Jayden’s seven best friends and her grandmother.  They were just going to get together to remember Jayden.  They were going to meet at “Nanny’s” house and venture on down the strip to Jayden’s favorite hangouts.
Soon it was too big for Nanny’s house.  So Fire Chief Jim (already in the loop) suggested we have it at the Lake Ozark Fire Station…..an excellent idea!! Jim also knew we would have more impact teaching fire safety above & beyond what is taught at school where time & means are limited.  Plus having the event at the fire station would send out the message that not only is everyone welcome, but encouraged to attend for more intense type of training.

WHEN:          Yearly on 7-11 (July 11th) at 11:00 AM

WHERE:        Lake Ozark Fire Station

HOW:         Just show up or call Terri (Nanny) at 573-365-7187 or call Debbie at the fire station at 573-365-3380


Robin and Jayden